The Mexpatriate is a newsletter I write as an outsider and insider in Mexico.

I am an immigrant and expatriate, an observer biased by a love for this country that both fills and breaks my heart every day. In a world where barriers to understanding proliferate, even when we speak the same language, it may seem daunting to attempt to interpret the complexities of this country for an Anglophone audience. It is. And yet…Writing not what I know (which I find to be less every year), but instead what I aspire to understand is the only way through, the only way to truly cross the divide.

Subscribers to The Mexpatriate receive a Sunday edition highlighting the week in news and a bimonthly edition that goes in-depth on a single relevant topic. My sources? Mexican newspapers, magazines, tweets, TV news shows, blogs and of course, first-hand observation.

Whether you're living, working, raising a family or retiring in Mexico—or even just a curious North American citizen—I hope this can serve as a guide to the country’s political, economic and cultural landscape. My goal is to provide the reader with both context and subtext, to take you beyond mere translation and into the national conversation.